The Online Coding Boot Camp at UT Austin

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Learn to Code: Wherever You Are

Set your own pace and benefit from our experienced mentor network

You’re always on the go. Our online, web development program is designed for those individuals who aren’t able to attend in-person coding bootcamps with a fixed schedule, but are still looking for the same level of support and attention on their path to becoming a web developer.

  • Follow a flexible, 24-week schedule that best meets your goals
  • Learn marketable skills through a premium,  full-stack curriculum
  • Become job ready through a project-based course structure
  • Receive on-demand support from TAs, support staff, and the online portal
  • Get real-world insights and guidance through our mentor program

Study Online: How it Works

Our flexible, online course is comprised of three main phases. Each one is strategically constructed to teach individuals the skills they need to successfully enter the job market, as well as receive around-the-clock support.

Unlike traditional online courses, students are never alone throughout their online coding bootcamp journey. At each stop, individuals can tap into various channels for support including their Teaching Assistants (TAs), Program Support Manager (PSM), dedicated mentor, community Slack channel, or the online student portal.

Phase I — Build

In the first phase of the program, we work to build your foundational skill set:

  1. Intro to Software Engineering
  2. Technical Immersion
  3. Development Process and Structure

Phase II — Apply

Once you have learned the essential basics, we help you become employable:

  1. Employable Experience
  2. Technical Evaluation
  3. Developer Confirmation

Phase III — Execute

In this last phase, we take all of your newfound knowledge and apply it to a real-world setting:

  1. Real Team Experience
  2. Showcase Yourself

Self-Paced Full-Stack Curriculum

While students successfully complete the coding program in 24 weeks, each individual is able to personalize their own learning path from week to week. Whether you’re a working professional or a full-time student, study at a personalized pace that best suits your needs. Through hands-on projects and lessons, students will learn*:

Intro to Software Engineering

  • Ruby
  • Code IDEs

Technical Immersion

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Active Record & Postgre SQL
  • Git/GitHub

Development Process

  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Amazon Web Services (S3), and more

Employable Experience

  • Complex Database Relationships
  • Intro to JavaScript
  • JSON, and more

Technical Evaluation

  • rspec
  • Red/Green/Refactor Cycle
  • FactoryBot/Factory Patterns

 Developer Confirmation

  • Advanced JavaScript
  • Web APIs, and more

Real Team Experience

  • Agile Sprint Planning
  • Pull Requests
  • Database Modeling, and more
*The material covered is subject to change. Our academic team adjusts to the market demand.

Prepare to Join the Tech Workforce

Our remote program centers around project-based learning, a hands-on approach that ensures students are not just merely completing each module, but truly prepared to step into a real-world web developer role. In addition to our tailored curriculum, we structure our teachings around these four techniques:

It’s important to put into practice complex concepts to solve challenges and build functional apps. Our written curriculum covers the teaching material, while our in-depth exercises reinforce your problem-solving skills.

As you move forward, you may find certain topics to be more intricate than others. For additional clarity and guidance, each module provides supplemental recordings with high-level overviews. Our system will inform you when this feature is available, so you can determine what to watch and when.

Just like web developers need to submit their code for revision, so will you. Practice what you learn through comprehensive activities and hand off your work to our team for further review and feedback.

In order to evaluate your progress, we provide quick quizzes at the end of multiple lesson plans. These assessments will demonstrate how much information you’ve truly retained and explain the reasoning behind each answer.

Mentorship From Industry Professionals

In addition to our student portal, TAs, Program Support Managers, and career services, our online coding bootcamp provides weekly one-on-one counseling with a real-world industry professional.

Students are matched with a mentor at the beginning of the program, and during the course, benefit from constant communication to discuss questions on the program curriculum, projects, or to gain career-related insights.

With an average of five to seven years of experience in web development, these individuals have held (or currently hold) positions in the field, ranging from Senior Software Engineer to Senior Full-Stack Web Developer.

Meet some of our talented mentors:

Carleton Online MentorCarleton DiLeo

Role: Software Engineer

Carleton is a Full Stack Rails Developer with experience in multiple frameworks.

Conrad Online MentorConrad Taylor

Role: Software Engineer

Conrad uses cutting-edge technologies to design and implement great products.

Eric Online MentorEric Himmelreich

Role: Senior Software Engineer

Eric is not only a skilled developer but passionate about teaching and mentoring others.

Jacob Online MentorJacob Gillespie

Role: Software Engineer

Jacob started coding at age ten and has collaborated on several local projects in his area.

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