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Are Cybersecurity Boot Camps Worth It in 2021?

Boot camps. No, the ones we’re thinking of don’t have anything to do with camouflage fatigues or 6 a.m. pushups — yet they are designed to get you into fighting shape within a few short weeks. The boot camps we’re focused on are all about learning industry-grade cybersecurity skills through comprehensive coursework. Over the past…

Getting Into Cybersecurity With a Nontechnical Background

Want to know the best-kept secret in cyber? Well, here it is: You don’t need to be a tech wizard to thrive in information security. Yes, yes, we know; even writing it feels a little slanderous. Nontechnical cybersecurity backgrounds? The phrase seems like a contradiction in itself. Hollywood stereotypes suggest that cybersecurity pros spend their…

How Long It Takes to Become a Front End Developer

Let’s get down to business — how long does it take to become a front end developer, exactly? As we’ll explain in this article, the answer depends a lot on you, the learner. That being said, a multitude of factors can influence your timeline, including your existing experience, schedule, available resources, and more. We’ll get…

How to Become a Programmer: A Step-By-Step Guide for 2021

Programmers are, in a sense, digital architects who dedicate their careers to designing the tech features and functionalities we all take for granted. It’s a fantastic profession, and if you’ve ever found yourself thinking about the cogs behind the internet’s not-so-metaphorical machine, you’ve probably wondered how to become a programmer. Take account of everything you’ve…

The Most Common Digital Marketing Career Paths

There are a lot of reasons to choose a digital marketing career path. For one, it’s a thriving industry — today, countless consumers buy products based on the ads they see as they navigate search engines, scroll through social media platforms, and open emails. Digital dominates the marketing sector; according to Deloitte and the American…

The 15 Best Coding Books for Kids

Kids coding books

This is the final blog in our three-part series on Kids and Coding. Now that you know the many ways children can benefit from learning coding skills and the tools and resources available to them to start learning, you can supplement their web development journey with books and other reading materials. Read on to discover…

12 Best Coding Tools & Resources for Kids While Learning From Home

coding at home

This blog is part two in our three-part series on Kids and Coding. In this article, we’ve compiled a helpful list of tools and resources so your child can start learning valuable skills for web development. If you’re interested in learning more about why kids should learn to code, check out our first post highlighting…

7 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn to Code

This blog is part one of our three-part series on Kids and Coding. This first article explores a variety of benefits to learning web development skills at a young age, including real-world applications beyond technology. If you’re eager to get started learning from home, check out our blog of coding tools and resources, and explore…

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